Top 10 MWR Sailing Programs & Rentals

Summertime is here! What better way to cool off than to take to the seas.  Did you know MWR sailing centers and marinas offer water sport rentals and sailing lessons?  You can find programs for the beginner, intermediate and advanced level sailor – even offering fun and exciting youth camps.  Please be sure before making plans to contact the marina directly.  Climb aboard and set sail!**

Website: Marina & Outdoor Recreation & Equipment Center, C-808-254-7666.

Sailboat Rentals*:

Topper: Small sailing dinghy used extensively in our youth sailing classes. The Topper is great for polishing up on your sailing skills without worrying about having “too much boat.” Capacity is 2 youth, or 1 adult and 1 youth. Laser: Small sailing dinghy with a very powerful rig. This boat is fast and should only be taken out by sailors with some familiarity with her handling characteristics. Capacity is 1 person. American 18: A very stable, forgiving, and easy boat to sail. They are very roomy as well. Capacity is 6 people.

Sailboat Rentals are first come, first served.  Patrons are able to reserve ahead of time in a four-hour block.

*Sailing licenses are required for renting. Adult and Youth Sailing Licensing Programs are available. Please call for information and prices.

Website: Hickam Harbor Marina Website: Rainbow Bay Marina Hickam Harbor Marina, C-808-449-5215 Rainbow Bay Marina, C-808-784-0167

Hickam Harbor Marina:

R-19 Open Ocean Certification – Rhodes-19 watercraft is available for open ocean trips to patrons certified with a Diamond Head checkout from Hickam Harbor Marina. Prerequisites for this activity requires patrons to receive their “R-19 Qualification Card” plus 10-hours of R-19 rental at Hickam Harbor to qualify to sign up for the “R-19 Open Ocean Certification.” Qualified patrons are eligible to sign up for a 4-hour open ocean check out to Diamond Head from Hickam Harbor Marina with a certified instructor.

Marina Check-outs for Experienced Sailors – Instructors will inform patrons of the rules and regulations of the marinas.  Includes a review of the rental policies and safety procedures.  Once the course is complete patrons will be provided with a qualification card from the marina.  Patrons holding a certification from Rainbow Bay Marina will be required to have an orientation before renting at Hickam Harbor.  All qualifications will be determined by a marina sailing instructor’s evaluation.

Sailing classes available include Start Sailing Right (ages 16+), After School Sailing Classes (ages 9-15), Keiki After School Intro to Sailing (ages 8 & 9), and Private Sailing Instruction.  Rental equipment includes single and double kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, surfboards and windsurfing boards.  3 boats are available per 2-hour time blocks.

See website for more scheduled activities.

Rainbow Bay Marina:  

Marina Check-outs for Experienced Sailors – Instructors will inform patrons of the rules and regulations of marinas. Includes a review of rental policies and safety procedures. Once the course is completed, patrons will be provided with a qualification card from the marina. Patrons holding a certification from Hickam Harbor Marina will be required to have an orientation before renting at Rainbow Bay Marina. All qualifications will be determined by a marina sailing instructor’s evaluation.

Sunset Regattas – Enjoy Rhodes-19 sailboat races each week along with other qualified sailors. Open to all eligible personnel with an R-19 qualification card. All boats must be dockside 30 minutes prior to sunset.

Sailing lessons available (ages 10-17, 18+, family/group, and private instruction), see website for details.  Due to limited quantities, early sign-ups are recommended.

Starting 1 July, both Hickam and Rainbow Bay Marina will take pre-scheduled reservations only for sailboat rentals.  Reservations can be made by calling the Hickam Harbor Marina office (808-449-5215, reservations for both areas) and making a pre-paid reservation up to 5 days ahead of the desired date.  Patrons must possess a current sailing check-out card (within the past 365 days).

3) Camp Lejeune, NC

Website: Gottschalk Marina, C-910-451-8307 New River Marina, C-910-449-6578

Sailboat & Water Sport Rentals:

Single & double kayaks, canoes, stand-up fishing and paddleboards, Sunfish Sailboat, American 14.6 Sailboat, Com-Pac 19, Jon Boat, 14′-16′ fishing skiffs and Pontoon boats ranging from 20′-24′. 

A Float Plan must be filed with the Marina when renting the following: Sunfish, American 14.6, and Com-Pac 19 sailboats; pontoon boats.

• Non-Motorized Watercraft – patrons must be 16 years of age or older • Motorized Watercraft – patrons must be 18 years or older and have completed a boating safety course • Sunfish and American 14.6 Sailboat – patrons must be 16 years or older and have a sailing certificate • Com-Pac 19 Sailboats – patrons must be 18 years or older, have completed a boating safety course, and have a sailing certificate

Sailing classes available.  Visit website for more details.

Website: Navy MWR Naval Station Norfolk Naval Sailing Center & Marina, C-757-444-2918

Sailboat & Water Sport Rentals:

The Sailing Center and Marina is a great place to enjoy recreational boating and fishing. Patrons can learn to sail, kayak, rent boats and fishing gear, and enjoy a relaxing time on the water. The Sailing Center offers boating classes for adults and summer camps for children as well as a wide array of rental boats including kayaks and paddleboards, powerboats for fishing and water skiing, and a fleet of over 50 sailboats from dinghies to cruising keelboats.

Qualifications are required for rentals. Contact the Sailing Center for details.

Sailing Courses:

Basic Keelboat Course: instructors cover an array of topics in this introductory 16-hour course, learning to sail a 26-foot keelboat.  Basic Cruising Course: This course is designed to introduce keelboat sailors to cruising.  Topics include maneuvering under power, docking, anchoring, onboard systems, advanced sail trim, tacking angles, and balance.  Small Boat Course: Learn the basics of sailing aboard small sailboats in this 16-hour course.  Participants are actively behind the helm and crewing a 13-foot 420.  Instruction includes an orientation of boat and rigging, boat handling, maneuvering to the dock, and rules of the road.  First Sail: Perfect for those who are uncertain about committing to a full program, this 2-hour leisurely sail will introduce newcomers to all the possibilities of sailing.

See website for full details.