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See below for some commonly asked questions:

I clicked "forgot password", but I can't find the email!

Every email provider is different, but most of them come with a "Spam" folder.  If you do not see the email in your regular inbox, be sure to check the Spam folder.  If you find it in the Spam folder, be sure to mark the email "not spam", and move it to your regular inbox.  You cannot click links in spam emails (for your own safety).  Once the email is in your regular inbox, click on the link provided to reset your password. 


If the email is not in your inbox or your spam folder, be sure to check other folders/tabs in your inbox (for example, Gmail uses "Promotions" and "Updates").  Check there next, as there is a good chance that the email is in one of those. 


Lastly, be sure that you are using the email address that you used when you first signed up!  If the email differs from what you signed up with, you will not receive an email.  If you forgot what email you used, please contact Customer Service either via email (, via our Contact Us link, or you can give us a call at  703-237-0203 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Our goal is to help you out!  

What does becoming a Site Member mean?

When you become a Site Member of, you are able to comment on blog posts if you wish.  You have access to any and all of the free information published on this site.  What you do not have access to are the Military Living® Publications travel guides and their respective pages, as well as our interactive worldwide military map, unless you purchase one of our paid subscription plans, located on this page here: Monthly and Annual plans are available.  Not sure if you want to commit?  We now have a 1-week Free Trial plan available, no credit card required.  Try us out for free! 

What can I do as a Site Member?

As a non-paying Site Member, you may read the Military News articles, make comments on blog posts, follow posts, and like posts.  You also may subscribe to our email newsletter and receive free emails about new posts and updates.

What is a Military Living® Subscription Plan?

The Military Living® Subscription Plan, also known as a "Pricing Plan", allows you access via our website to view our currently printed publications, as well as our interactive worldwide military map.  If you are a paid member, you can view them right here through the site, on their respective pages: 

Military Travel Guide USA™

Temporary Military Lodging Travel Guide™

RV, Camping & Cabins Travel Guide™

Overseas Military Travel Guide™

Military Space-A Air Travel Guide™

Travel Planner Interactive Map

These plans are available for monthly or annual access.  You may cancel at any time in your Account page under My Subscriptions.  Also available is a 1-week Free Trial, no credit card required, to try us before you buy.

How do I view the Travel Guide flip-books larger?

At the bottom right-hand corner of the box containing the flip book, you will see a box that looks like this: [ ].  If you click this, you will be able to view the flip book in full-screen mode, making for easier viewing on both mobile and desktop.

How do I find a specific place in the Travel Guide flip-books?

That's easy!  Open up the specific book you are looking for information in.  The Table of Contents will list installations along with their page numbers.  If you click on the state or installation name, you will be brought right to that page in the book.

If you don't see what you are looking for in the Table of Contents, on the bottom right-hand side of the box containing the flip book, you can click the magnifying glass with an A in the middle of it. This will bring up a dialog box in which you type the name of what you are looking for.  From there, you can click the arrows next to that box to find all of the locations of that specific name you typed.  Keep clicking the arrows until you are at the place you want to be in the book. Another short cut for the dialog box is, on a Windows PC, click the "Ctrl" & "F" buttons on your keyboard at the same time

Why do I have to keep logging in repeatedly?

Sometimes all you need is a "fresh start".  Due to the recent change in web hosting, you may need to clear your internet browsing history and clear your cache, in order to remove any old copies of our website.  Every internet browser is different, but you should be able to clear your history through your web browser's settings.

How do I manage my account?

That's easy! In the header (the very top of the page), you will see a yellow button that says "Hello, (your name)".  If you click on the box, a drop down menu will appear.  From that drop down menu, you can update your subscription plan ("My Subscriptions"), update your address or phone number ("My Account"), or edit your profile ("Profile").  If you need more specific help, please give us a call at 703-237-0203 Monday-Friday. Please leave us a message and someone will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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