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The 43 Cheapest Places To Travel In 2020 | Forbes

Exploring the cheapest places to travel can ease the strain on your wallet. And, it may also allow you to visit more destinations while staying within your budget! In this article, travel experts share their tips for the cheapest places to vacation on a budget.

“Want to take a cheap vacation in 2020? Help is here. Although travel costs are on the rise this year—with experts predicting that airfares will increase by 1.5% and hotel rates will go up by 2 to 4%—it’s still possible to take an affordable trip in 2020, if you know where to go. Want to save money in 2020?

Every year, I tap into top travel experts and influencers to get their picks for the cheapest places to go in the year ahead.

Here’s the best part: These travel pros have circled the globe and done all the work for you, so that you can save the most money on the best travel in 2020. From an exotic archipelago in the Indian Ocean to a cheap European capital to a U.S. wine country getaway where you can afford an extra tasting or two, these are all places you’ll want to put on your bucket list.” ~ Forbes

Cheapest Places To Travel

Nice, France. Image by Julian Hacker from Pixabay

To find the best places to travel this year while saving money, please click on the link below to read the full article.

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