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Storm Alarms Warned Campers on Fort A.P. Hill

Storm alarms warned campers at Fort A.P. Hill to take cover on Thursday, May 30 prior to tornadoes touching down in the area. Below is what a customer shared with us regarding their safety and impression of the camp.

“I thought I’d share this story about our experience at Champ’s Camp, A.P. Hill, VA. The place is beautiful and well run, that staff is awesome and the best thing about it is the storm alarms really work. I attached pictures we took of the Tornado that touched down on May 30, 2019. If it wasn’t for the Storm Alarms all of us would have been unknowingly surprised. For us military campers it kept us safe and secure in the MWR building had it came closer!”

Fort A.P. Hill

Photo courtesy of Thomas and Lisa, MLP subscribers.

Fort A.P. Hill

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