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Military Families Enjoy Annual Winter Wonderland Celebration In Arlington, VA

Military children were treated with a fun-filled event at the Ritz Carlton in Arlington, VA. The Holiday themed celebration had a magic show, games, Disney™ characters, a cookie-making station, presents, a meeting with Santa, and much more!

Photo By: Katie Lange, DOD ~ "As cheerful as the holidays seem, they can often be a hard time for a lot of military families, especially children who are navigating the changes that come with a recent move, the deployment of a parent or the loss of a parent.

Thankfully, the military community is always ready to rally around these folks to brighten their spirits. On Monday, about 200 military children and their families attended the 9th annual Winter Wonderland Extravaganza held at the Ritz Carlton in Arlington, Virginia.

"It's one thing for the families to recognize the service and sacrifices that they make. It's another thing for the community to do so," said Emma Dockery, the co-founder of Yellow Ribbons United, which hosts the event. "I think this is a night that we cherish because it allows the community to truly be able to give back in a tangible way."

The event provided a lot of joy and excitement for the families, many of whom said they've had nothing like this at any of their other duty stations." ~

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