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Best Caribbean and Central American towns with affordable real estate – Business Insider

Are you interested in retiring out-of-country? Are you looking for an affordable beach town where your retirement dollar will stretch out a little (or a lot) further? Or maybe you’re interested in a profitable investment property. Either way, check out this article from Business Insider.

“Winter is in full swing, and many are already dreaming of an escape — perhaps to a beach-side investment property of one’s very own.

In 2019, the data team at determined the best and most affordable beach towns in the Caribbean and Central American area.

affordable beach

St. John’s Cathedral, Antigua. Image by neufal54 from Pixabay

To develop their ranking, took into consideration various factors, including the home price per square meter, population growth, local homicide rate, life expectancy, gross domestic product growth, and the town’s international beach ranking. The website also noted the conditions which American buyers must follow in order to invest in real estate overseas, resulting in towns with overly restrictive real-estate guidelines being excluded from the list.

It concluded that Tulum, Mexico, is the best affordable beach town for prospective homebuyers. Beyond just beautiful beaches, Tulum is also one of the top culinary towns in Mexico and home to well-preserved Mayan ruins, notes.” ~ Business Insider

To see which other beach towns made the ranking, in order from most expensive to least, please click the link below.

affordable beach

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