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The Campbells Enjoy the Fabulous Navy Lodge at North Island

Pool and Courtyard showing the new 4 Story Addition

Pool and Courtyard showing the new 4 Story Addition

Roll call was bright and early on Thursday, September 20, when we presented to the passenger terminal at McGuire AB for a flight to North Island NAS. Our daughter lives in San Diego, and we wanted to spend some time with her. We had sent in our space-a request form on July 28, so we were near the top of the list to be called for the flight. Five and one-half hours later, we touched down at North Island NAS after a beautiful flight with some really nice space-a passengers and a wonderful crew.

We had reserved a beach cottage at North Island NAS but the day before we left, we postponed it until next spring because the family members who were supposed to join us had to change their plans due to illness. We were unable to get into the Navy Lodge on North Island for a few days, so we spent three nights at the Navy Lodge at San Diego Naval Station.

Rooftop Terrace.

Rooftop Terrace.

After checking out of there on Sunday, we moved into the Navy Lodge on North Island for our week in paradise. What a gorgeous place! When we visited North Island several years ago, the Navy Lodge consisted only of a two-story building. We thought it was nice then! In the recent past, however, a four-story addition has been built, so the two structures now form a U shape with a beautiful swimming pool in the center. From our room, we could walk about 30 seconds to the beach in one direction and 30 seconds to the pool in the other direction. There is a rooftop terrace on the new building, and the view from there is spectacular. Beautiful furnishings add to the ambiance.

A continental breakfast is served every day in the breakfast room off the lobby, and it can be enjoyed there, out at one of the tables surrounding the pool, or on the patio back at your room. Breakfast consisted of pastries, a hard-boiled egg, oatmeal, cold cereal, yogurt, juice and coffee or tea. There are charcoal grills and patio tables and chairs on the beach immediately adjacent to the Lodge. In the evenings, families were grilling and playing games on the beach and lawn surrounding the Lodge. The charcoal fires stayed lit till well after dark, and it was a beautiful sight looking out to the ocean.

Beach Cottages with the Navy Lodge in the Background

Beach Cottages

On one of our many beach walks, we strolled over to the new beach cottages to check them out. They are located adjacent to the older Navy Lodge building. There are 10 duplexes, so 20 cottages in all. They have either screened-in porches or open patios facing the water with nice lawn furniture and charcoal grills. For $10/person/week, the pool at the Navy Lodge can be used. The beach cottages are rented through MWR, telephone no. 619-435-1227, but check-in is at the desk at the Navy Lodge.

A word of advice: Check-in for both the Navy Lodge and the beach cottages is 3 p.m. Do not expect to be in your room immediately. We found this procedure to be quite cumbersome, and we did not get into our room