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Spring Break Ideas for Families | Travel + Leisure

Spring Break Ideas for Families ~ “The kids are getting restless and so are you. Maybe the idea of braving the wind and chill just one more day makes it difficult to climb out of your cozy blankets in the morning. Or maybe your 10-year-old is at the point where it seems like the relentless amount of homework is never going to come to an end.

Spring Break Ideas for Families

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

With schools across the country ramping up for spring break, why not use this week to escape the end-of-school-year inertia and book a family vacation? After all, studies say that kids who travel tend to be more successful in class, so making sure your children rise to the top is a perfectly good reason to take a trip. Right?

We’ve rounded up 10 family-friendly trip ideas for you and the kids this spring break.” ~ Travel + Leisure

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Spring Break Ideas for Families

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