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8 Polar Express Train Rides That Will Get You In the Holiday Spirit This Christmas (With Nearby Lodg

Although Fall is still in full swing and Halloween is just upon  us, it is never too early to start planning for great Christmas traditions and once-in-a-lifetime Polar Express train rides! As a popular and magical Christmas experience, many of these limited time only train rides sell out quickly! Be sure to check out the Kansas City Holiday Express that runs through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri, and a few other states. At each of the 27 stops, passengers can hop on to tour the cars, which are decorated to look like a gingerbread house, an elves’ workshop, a reindeer stable, and more of Santa’s favorite hangouts. This free event makes its first stop in Victoria, Texas on November 24. You will also want to check out the Polar Express Train Rides | Cities Across America for the hour-long train rides in over 40 cities across the country and in Canada. Be sure to check for lodging in the 4o cities along the route of the Polar Express Train Rides and the 27 stops of the Kansas City Holiday Express! Click on the link below to see if Polar Express train rides are near you – and reserve your tickets for a magical train ride! Plus, we have provided nearby lodging for the Christmas trains that depart and return to the same location.

Source: 8 Polar Express Train Rides That Will Get You In the Holiday Spirit This ChristmasMilitary Lodging Nearby:North Pole Express – New Hope, PA: McGuire AFB  in New Jersey is approximately 35 miles southeast of train station The Elf Limited – Cass, WV: Camp Dawson is approximately 110 miles north, but may be worth the two hour drive The Polar Express – Burlington, VT: Military Lodging is not available nearby for this train adventure North Pole Flyer – Cedar Park, TX: Camp Mabry is approximately 20 miles south and Fort Hood is approximately 55 miles north Christmas Special Dinner Train – Chattanooga, TN: Catoosa Training Site in Georgia is approximately 20 miles southeast of the dinner train station Train of Lights – Sunol, CA: Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area is 10 miles north of the departure city

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