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Subscriber Benefits: Useful Tools For Navigating Our Online Publications

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As a paid subscriber, you must log in to your account (see the login to your account post) to access our website and all the publications. If you are a non-paying site member, you will not have access to the content in our publications, only the R&R News® articles.

One of the benefits of being a paid site member is full access to our books directly on the website, with easy portability because of the access to view on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To access the content of our publications:

Once you have logged in to your account, on the Home page (, please click on the "book cover" for the information that you wish to view. Many options arise for you to optimize your viewing.

You will then be brought to the page with that book's content, along with R&R News® articles relating to that category (Lodging, Camping, USA Travel, Overseas Travel, etc.) just below it.

Once you are on the book's page, if you need to search for a particular name or place, the search icon is located below the book cover, on the bottom right (just hover your mouse over the book). It looks like a magnifying glass with the letter A in it. Then, a small window will pop up above the book cover after you click the "find" icon. This window allows you to search any place or name in the book. You can access that same window by simply pressing "Ctrl" and "F" at the same time on your keyboard.

It is probable that most times, a state, and even a city, will appear multiple times in a publication. After typing, you will notice yellow markers on the page bar under the book. Those page markers are where your destination is discussed in the guide. Click on the small arrows to get to the next place in the book that you are looking for.

If you need to enlarge the publication, that is easy to do. Below every guide, you will notice a - ____ + (minus and plus). This is the Zoom function, and will magnify the books and refocus on the information you wish to access by zooming in (or out). Another option is to enter Full Screen mode, by pressing the [ ] to the right of the magnifying glass. Simply press Esc on your keyboard to exit Full Screen Mode, or the X that pops up when you hover your mouse over the top of the book.

Most books have the contents listed in alphabetical state order. I find that for the RV Camping And Cabins Travel Guide™ or the Temporary Military Lodging Guide™, typing a state is usually a great start and gives you plenty of flexibility in your search to identify lodging within the vicinity of your destination. You can also click on any State or Installation in the Table of Contents and you will be brought to that specific page.

The USA Travel Guide™ and The Smart Military Retirement™ Location Guide is classified by region, and then listed alphabetically by state, which gives you broad access to cities and towns for comparison. For example, the Northeast region will provide you with all the details you need from Maine to New Jersey.

Finally, the Overseas Military Travel Guide™ is classified by country. Type the name of the country and start planning your worldwide adventure.

The Military Space-A Air Travel Guide™ will have the best of both worlds, first listed alphabetically by U.S. States, possessions, and territories, and then alphabetically by country for overseas travel. In addition, the publication has tips, information, and "how to" at the guide's beginning and end.

Lastly, to view the Space A Air Travel Map™, click on the map. To view the destination closer, zoom in with the + sign below the map, then click and drag to travel through the perimeter of the publication.

Go ahead and click on those books from our home page or the links above, and discover the multitude of information you have full access to with our subscription plans.

You will also notice, when you are on the book pages, that there is a menu across the top. You are able to switch between books by clicking on any of those other book options. If you are in the Lodging book, but really want to take a look at some Camping, simply click on the purple RV, Camping & Cabins button and it will take you right there.

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