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The 2024 Top 25 Historic Hotels of America® Best of Adaptive Reuse List

There are so many gorgeous historical buildings that have been saved and revamped, ready for you to visit!

Historic Hotels of America ~ "Historic Hotels of America®, an official program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, is pleased to announce The 2024 Top 25 Historic Hotels of America Best of Adaptive Reuse list. A popular and creative approach to historic preservation, 'adaptive reuse' saves unused historic buildings from demolition by rehabilitating and renovating them for a new purpose. Travelers can visit many historic inns, resorts, and hotels in the United States today because their owners chose to reimagine historic buildings in sustainable and creative ways. At Historic Hotels of America, adaptive reuse hotels offer travelers an immersive, authentic, and fun way to experience their next trip.

The Graylyn Estate (1932) Winston-Salem, North Carolina | Photo Courtesy of Historic Hotels of America®

Released during Preservation Month, The 2024 Top 25 Historic Hotels of America® Best of Adaptive Reuse list spotlights 25 richly preserved historic buildings that were not originally built to be hotels. Historic Hotels of America guests can spend the night in former factories where Ghirardelli chocolate and world-class cork products were produced, or make a historic Masonic temple their home base while exploring New Orleans. One historic hotel featured on the list is a former junior high school that embraces its past with 'hall pass' guestroom keycards and signature cocktails like the Prom Queen. Another historic hotel featured on the list is a former train station that curates train-car-themed suites, named after ticketing agents who once worked there. These hotels are living proof that historic buildings can serve contemporary needs while preserving their timeless character.

This month, the nation’s leading preservation nonprofit is shining a spotlight on the ways in which history and heritage are preserved in the United States, and on the people who are doing this important work. The theme this year honors 'People Saving Places.' For more information, please visit and sign up for Discover & Explore to stay up to date on news and special offers." ~ Historic Hotels of America

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