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9 Places To Retire That Are Just Like Colorado But Way Cheaper

While Colorado is a popular retirement destination, it's essential to consider factors like cost of living, housing, and healthcare when making your decision.

Sunrise in the mountains, North Carolina | Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Go Banking Rates ~ "Plenty of people are drawn to places like Florida for their retirement, looking for warmer weather and a more laid-back lifestyle. For those who lean more towards an outdoorsy life — and that don’t mind a cold winter — Colorado has become a top choice.

Full of natural beauty, outdoor adventures and a vibrant culture, Colorado is a wonderful place to live — unfortunately, that desirability comes with a sometimes hefty price tag. Cities like Boulder and Denver are becoming difficult to afford, especially for retirees with a fixed income. There are other options out there that are more affordable and offer many of the same things that make Colorado appealing. GoBankingRates spoke to experts about their top choices.

Jenoa Matthes is a travel expert and founder of The Travel Folk, a site that provides curated itineraries and expert advice on trip planning. She offered two great alternative destinations." ~ Go Banking Rate

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