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Tired Of Airbnb? Check Out New Ways To Stay On Vacation

In the past few years, some new alternative options have popped up concerning vacation lodging. Check out some less-known and inventive ways to travel and explore the world.

Beach Vacation
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fodors ~ "TrustedHousesitters

Animal lovers can take care of someone’s beloved pet and, in return, get to stay in their home for free. TrustedHousesitters lists homestays in 130 countries around the world, along with pet profiles for verified sitters to shower a fur baby with TLC. You’ll feed, clean, and walk animals while keeping their owners up to date—it’s a win-win for both sitter and pet parents. An annual membership is required, and that covers a free direct line to a dedicated team of veterinary nurses to help you quickly clear up any pet queries.

However, be careful using this site internationally, as some countries view housesitting as working, rather than a vacation, and may be a violation of your visa.


Eat, Pray, Love your way through Asia, and let Agoda be your guide. The platform blends travel experience and transportation alongside a vast array of accommodation offerings. It has an especially big presence in Southeast Asia, where it was founded and headquartered, so fans of jungle and beach villas are in for a treat, but the app also operates worldwide. What’s great about Agonda is its partnership with local airlines and rideshare services for seamless booking and sweet deals." ~ fodors

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