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Senior Citizens Can Enjoy Free Or Cheap College Opportunities All Over The United States

Many States offer opportunities for Senior Citizens to attend college for free or extremely cheap. Citizen of every state can learn and sharpen their mind. Here are a few states' offers.

Continuing Education
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thepennyhoarder ~ "Arizona

All 10 campuses of Maricopa Community College allow senior citizens to take classes for credit at 50% of the full tuition cost.

Students 65 and older must register between the first and second class sessions of the semester to ensure space is available. You can register for in-person, online or hybrid classes.


The Florida college system waives application, tuition and student fees for those age 60 and above, but colleges will award no credit and will grant admission on a space-available basis. Check to see whether your chosen college covers online courses as well as in-person ones.

Fun fact: Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society has the largest adult continuing education program in the U.S. It even has its own auditorium on campus to help serve FAU’s 30,000 new registrants each year.

North Carolina

Tuition and registration fees are waived for residents 65 or older attending North Carolina community colleges. Senior citizens can take up to six credit hours per semester for free. Audit options may be available at other schools.

At the University of North Carolina Wilmington, for example, senior citizens may audit classes for free after getting the instructor’s permission and submitting an application. Lab, studio, performance, distance education, independent study, internship and special topic courses are excluded. Online courses are available for those who prefer them". ~ thepennyhoarder

For the complete list of every state college opportunities for Senior Citizens, please click the link below:

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