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Ramstein Air Base, Germany | Featured Military Space-A Air Terminal of the Week

Guten tag! This week's featured Military Space-A A Air Terminal is Ramstein Air Base Passenger Terminal, at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Ramstein is a regular stop from the east coast of the US, making it a great place to start your European adventure.

Ramstein Air Base Passenger Terminal offers frequent flights to JB MDL in NJ, NAS Sigonella in Italy, and Dover Air Force Base, DE.

Ramstein Air Base is part of the biggest US military community in Europe. Ramstein Air Base is a five-hour drive from Paris to the west and a five-hour drive southeast to Munich.

Ramstein Passenger Terminal amenities include a Subway sandwich restaurant (hours: Mon.-Fri. 0600-1800, Sat.-Sun. Closed), A family lounge with a play area, vending machines, bathrooms, an ATM, and a large USO.

Ramstein Passenger Terminal

While at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, there are plenty of things to do and explore around the base. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Explore Kaiserslautern: The nearby city of Kaiserslautern is a must-visit. It's a charming town with a rich history, cultural attractions, and a lively atmosphere. Visit the Kaiserslautern Cathedral, the Old Town Hall, and the Museum of Natural History.

  2. Ramstein Air Base Museum: The base has its own museum, showcasing the history of the US Air Force in Europe. It's a great place to learn about the base's history and significance.

  3. Outdoor activities: Ramstein is surrounded by beautiful German countryside. Go hiking, biking, or horseback riding in the nearby forests and hills. You can also visit the nearby Palatinate Forest, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

  4. Wine tasting: The Palatinate region is famous for its wine production. Visit local vineyards and taste some of the best German wines. You can also take a wine-tasting tour in the nearby towns of Deidesheim or Bad Dürkheim.

  5. Visit the nearby cities: Ramstein is close to several charming German cities, such as Heidelberg, Speyer, and Mainz. Each city has its own unique history, architecture, and culture.

  6. Shopping and dining: Ramstein has a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes. You can find everything from American-style diners to traditional German bakeries and restaurants. Don't miss the weekly markets in Kaiserslautern and other nearby towns.

  7. Attend events and festivals: Ramstein hosts various events throughout the year, such as the Ramstein Air Show, the Kaiserslautern Christmas Market, and the Wine Festival in Deidesheim. Check local event calendars for more information.

  8. Take a day trip to the Rhine River: The Rhine River is just a short drive away. Take a scenic boat tour or hike along the riverbank and enjoy the stunning views.

  9. Visit the nearby castles: The Palatinate region is home to many stunning castles, such as the Heidelberg Castle, the Marksburg Castle, and the Eltz Castle. Each castle has its own unique history and architecture.

  10. Explore the local culture: Ramstein is a melting pot of cultures. Attend cultural events, visit local festivals, and try traditional German cuisine like sausages, schnitzel, and apple strudel.

*Note: Overseas travel via Space-A is only for Active Duty and Retirees, and occasionally spouses in specific circumstances. Please see the DoDI 4515.13  for more information on Space-A eligibility, in table 3 on page 37.

If you'd like to learn more, please follow the link to find out about Space-A flight information, reservations, contact numbers, parking, and more available in our Military Space-A Air Travel Guide. Here's a free sample: Space-A Air Free Sample. We also offer a free Space-A FAQ page, as well, for answers to your frequently asked questions.

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