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New Google Feature That Helps You Find The Cheapest Flights

Google Flights' latest version can help you choose if it is better to book now or later. Check out some of Google Flights that also offer Google price tracking. ~ "To help make the decision easier, Google Flights has launched improved insights for searches that means you’ll be able to see when flights ticket prices have typically been lowest based on your selected dates and destination.

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In an example provided by Byers, we see a flight inquiry that was made, say, in early September. It’s for a round-trip flight between New York to Miami heading out on December 21 and returning eight days later. Google Flights’ response says: 'The cheapest time to book is usually later, September 13 – December 7.' It points out that 'prices are currently high, and adds that the lowest rates for such a journey are usually found between one and three months before takeoff. It even tells you how much you can save if you make the booking at the right time, in this case about $59.

If you’re reluctant to wait for lower fares before making your reservation, Google Flights also offers price tracking, which, once set up, will automatically alert you if flight prices see a notable fall.

Another feature is the price guarantee badge that appears when Google Flights believes that the fare you’re looking at won’t get any lower before departure. It means that if you go ahead and book, Google Flights will refund you the difference via Google Pay if the ticket drops in price after you book it. But take note: These price guarantees are part of a pilot program available for select 'Book on Google' itineraries departing from the U.S." ~

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