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Margaritaville At Sea Introduces A $899 Unlimited Paradise Pass

The cruise company, Margaritaville At Sea, offers unlimited non-consecutive 2-night sailings for the rest of 2023 for $899. As with every fantastic deal, restrictions and black-out dates apply.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~"Margaritaville at Sea has taken a page out of Disneyland's playbook with what it says is the industry's 'first season pass,' the Ultimate Paradise Pass. For $899, travelers with this pass can go on an unlimited number of non-consecutive Margaritaville cruises from April through the end of 2023. A second traveler can then stay in the same stateroom — limited to ocean view or interiors — for free. If you want to travel alone, you'll have to pay an additional $160.

But like Disneyland's annual passes, there are some limitations. There are five blackout dates in July, September, November, and December. Cruises must also be booked 24 to 72 hours in advance. And the pass doesn't cover additional payments like the $94 in taxes, fees, and expenses, the $20 booking fee, or gratuities." ~

The Margaritaville At Sea Ultimate Paradise Pass Website link:

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