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Here's the Best Time to Buy Your Plane Ticket if You're Flying for the Holidays This Year

This is a question many of us are looking for the answer to - when should I buy my plane ticket? USA Today's Airline news has some advice for you.

USA Today ~ If the summer was any indication, air travel's hustle and bustle will carry over into the end of the year.

That's the outlook from airlines and the tourism industry going into the fall travel season and looking forward to the winter holidays.

Hopper, a travel agency that analyzes data for airfare price predictions, is seeing strong booking demand for holiday travel after an 'extraordinary' summer.

Photo courtesy of WIX Media

The pent-up demand after two pandemic years is in part because, for some travelers, this will be the first time they visit family for the holidays since COVID-19 erupted, said Hopper spokeswoman Lindsay Schwimer.

'Last year omicron was surging around the holiday season, so people will be eager to take holiday trips this year and see family and friends,' she said.

Expect huge demand for holiday flights in 2022

Though it's too early to tell just how busy the fall and winter holidays will be – AAA doesn't issue its seasonal travel outlooks until two weeks before the holiday – some indicators suggest travelers should expect end-of-year travel will be just as busy as the summer." ~ USA Today

For the full article and some great tips, click the link below!

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