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Here Is A little-Known Trick To Save On Airfare

It is unknown that airline companies have incredible price differences depending on which country you originate your search. Sometimes you can save simply by searching for airfare from an overseas website. Here is how it works. ~ "Book cheaper airfare by using a different version of the airline's website

Unless you've made a concerted effort to avoid it, the airline website knows which country you're searching from. It will default to that country's currency — and the unique prices it charges for that particular market. The difference can be staggering.

To search prices from other countries, you shouldn't have trouble finding an icon that allows you to toggle your location (it's often at the top right of the home page). It may take the form of:

  • A flag of the country you're searching from

  • An abbreviation of the country you're in

  • A currency symbol

Be sure to use a card that waives foreign transaction fees

When you use a debit or credit card to make a purchase that is processed outside of the US, you could be charged foreign transaction fees." ~

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