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Bomber Bayou Golf Course at Barksdale AFB to Become Multi-Purpose MWR Facility

The Bomber Bayou Golf Course at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana will soon be transitioning to a multi-purpose Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facility. Citing financial challenges that include financial losses over a 7 year period, sustainability, underperformance in membership, and competition with other local golf courses, the decision was made to close the facility on February 1, 2024. ~ Today, we open a new chapter for Barksdale Air Force Base as we transition the Bomber Bayou Golf Course into a vibrant, multi-purpose Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) facility. This decision reflects our commitment to evolving with the needs of our base community and enhancing the quality of life for our Airmen and their families.

While we recognize and honor the history of the golf course as a long-standing recreational facility, the changing trends in recreational preferences and the financial challenges of maintaining the golf course have led us to this decision. Our goal is to repurpose the space into a more inclusive and diverse area, offering a variety of recreational options that cater to all members of our community.

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The new facility will not only maintain some of the existing golf amenities, such as the driving range, but also introduce exciting features like disc golf, walking and biking trails, and potentially a Top Tracer program. These additions aim to create a dynamic environment that encourages health, wellness, and community engagement.

We understand this change represents a significant shift. However, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition and are excited about the potential this repurposing holds. We invite our base community, including our golf course members, to join us in this new journey and take advantage of the diverse recreational opportunities that will soon be available.

Together, we look forward to creating a space that not only honors our base’s heritage but also paves the way for a sustainable, inclusive, and engaging future." ~

For additional information and answers to some frequently asked questions, please click the link below.

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