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Best Natural Hot Springs To Soak In Around The US

Many believe Hot Springs have healing powers and can alleviate aches or stress. How about giving yourself a relaxing weekend soaking in a Hot Spring? Below is a list of some of the best Hot springs in The United States.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

timeout ~ "Castle Hot Springs | Arizona

Castle Hot Springs is an all-inclusive resort set against the Bradshaw Mountains, a mere 50 miles from Phoenix. The 19th-century-era, 1,110-acre wellness-centric desert oasis is—you guessed it—renowned for the namesake hot springs. Surrounded by stunning saguaro, towering palms, more lush flora, and gorgeous red-hued rocks, the springs have attracted countless individuals over the years (from Native American tribes, explorers, and more). Today, these magnificent thermal waters are only accessible to resort guests; however, they’re still laden with the same minerals (think: lithium, copper, and magnesium, to name a few) that first put them on the map.

Granite Hot Springs | Wyoming

Nestled above Granite Creek Falls at the end of Granite Creek Road off Highway 189, Granite Hot Springs Pool is about an hour’s drive (or 34 miles) from Jackson proper. This waterfall-fed, man-made swimming pool—which clocks in at 104 degrees—is flanked by towering trees like spruce, fir, and pine. Similarly, the stunning mountain scenery is a fun bonus. While the pool is open in the winter, it’s only accessible via snowmobile, skis, snowshoes, dog sled, or fat bike: making it the perfect pick for adventure enthusiasts." ~ timeout

For the complete list of Hot Springs in the Us, please click the link below. Source: natural hot springs US

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