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3 Ways To Save Money With Google During Your Trip

Check out these new Google Search or Google Maps features that could save money on your next trip. From payback on your next flight if the price goes down to booking tickets directly from Google Maps, those features are a must for your next vacation.

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matadornetwork ~ "You get reimbursed if a flight gets cheaper

Now when you book through Google Flights, you get the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll get the cheapest price possible, even if you paid an above-average price. That’s because Google Flights now offers a 'price guarantee.'

Searching for hotels on mobile is way easier

Now, when you search for hotels on your mobile phone, you’ll see a swipe-through gallery of photos on the top. Tap on any of them, and it opens up a full-screen experience, kind of like Google Stories. By swiping left and right, you can see hotel photos, visitor reviews, and a location map, or go directly to the hotel website. It’s an easier way to see the info you need to make a decision — like prices, room types, and reviews — in an easy-to-use, full-screen format.

Book activities and tickets through Google Maps

Now, when you search for something to do in a given location — say, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or even something as broad as activities in San Francisco — Google will show you not just the usual info, but some helpful extra tabs. Click on the destination after searching for it in Google Maps, and you’ll see tabs with reviews, photos, hours, and updates posted by the destination or attraction on social media.

But perhaps the most useful tab is 'tickets,' which lets you go straight to buying a ticket through Google without having to find the attraction’s official webpage. It also lists bookable tours through private companies too, if applicable." ~ matadornetwork

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