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2016 Winery & Octoberfest Destinations

Photo courtesy of Karl Weisel, U.S.A.G Wiesbaden Public Affairs.

Photo courtesy of Karl Weisel, U.S.A.G Wiesbaden Public Affairs.


  1. Presidio of Monterey, Wine Trolly Tours, C-831-656-3223 or visit

  2. Beale Air Force Base, Wine Tours, C-530-634-4882 or visit–travel.html

  3. Travis Air Force Base, Wine Tasting & Brewery Tours, C-707-424-0969 or visit


  1. New London Naval Base, The Connecticut Wine Trail, C-860-444-8474 or visit


  1. Dover Air Force Base, Micro Brew Festival and Stoudt’s Brewery Oktoberfest, C-302-677-6772 or visit

Photo Credit: iStock Photo, Octoberfest

Photo Credit: iStock Photo, Octoberfest.


  1. Spangdahlem Air Base, Brussels Brewery Tours, C-06565-61-6567, DSN-314-452-6567 or visit

  2. Ramstein Air Base, Czech Beer Festival, C-06371-46360, DSN-314-480-6330/6650 or visit

  3. Kaiserlautern Community, Oktoberfest Festival, C-06313-406-4117, DSN-314-493-4117 or visit

  4. USAG Bavaria Hohenfels, Evening Wine Tasting, C-49-09472-83-2060, DSN-314-466-060 or visit

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Reprint from January–February 2016 • Volume 46, No. 1


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