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Why You’ll Need To Reserve All Your Fun This Summer | The Points Guy

Don’t get caught off guard this summer!  While we may have more opportunities than what the spring offered, booking activities well in advance and practicing social distancing are going to be key factors to having a (somewhat normal) summer.

The Points Guy ~ ” We don’t need to tell you that this summer is going to be, well, different.

COVID-19 is going to affect everyone for quite some time, even as government officials look to reopen states and countries around the world. They’re working with health experts to craft social-distancing guidelines and regulations that will allow us to safely achieve some semblance of normal life, especially during the popular summer travel season. It’s still unclear what exactly that will look like, but you can say goodbye to spontaneity in the dog days of summer, especially in heavily populated areas.

reserve fun summer

Instead, prepare for reservations, timed entry and lots and lots of rules. Here’s a little preview of what your summer vacation of 2020 might look like.” ~ The Points Guy

There are some silver linings here, click the link below to help you get prepared.

Why You'll Need To Reserve All Your Fun This Summer

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