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What is the BEST Cellular Carrier for RVers & Cruisers? – YouTube

The Mobile Internet Resource Center Channel on YouTube answers the question, “What is the best cellular carrier for RVers & Cruisers?”

“Each of the four major nationwide cellular carriers has their strengths and weaknesses across the country. And when choosing your ideal mobile internet setup, choosing your carrier (or carriers) needs to take into account coverage maps, data plans available, technology and future road map. In this updated video we overview the state of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint for use as a home internet replacement for RVers and boaters traveling across the nation. We also discuss the potential future impacts of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger and upcoming 5G.” ~ Mobile Internet Resource Center | YouTube

To find their take on the best cellular carrier for RVers & Cruisers, please watch the video below!

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