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Web vs Print – Military Living Publications

Web vs Print? We have had several customers email us here at Military Living and have asked that very question – or at least an explanation of what each provides. We hope that this helps with your decision on whether to buy the digital subscription, one of our many print publications, or both!


It is a personal preference issue really…

if you are comfortable using a computer or other electronic device…the web subscription gives you full access to everything we publish including the R&R Travel News, our All Ranks Worldwide Military Travel Newsletter, and interactive custom Google Maps with all military installations marked. The website is continually updated as we get new or updated information, optimized for mobile use, and accessible from any internet-connected device wherever you have an internet connection. Individual listings are printable for those times when you know you won’t have internet access. Cost for that is $10 a month or $81 for an annual subscription. Web subscriptions are auto-recurring, so no need to worry about renewing.

web vs print

Some people prefer a printed book to hold on to, the printed books are limited by title. For example, the 2019 Temporary Military Lodging Guide™ contains information on only those military installations that have hotel-style lodging.  The books are a one-time purchase and are accurate as of the date they were printed. Each print book purchase comes with a few months of free web access so you can try that out and update any outdated information you find in your book. The length of the free web time is approximately equal to the cost of the book. If you spend $39.95 on a book,  you will receive 4 months of free web access, activated immediately. This free access does not recur but you can choose to continue it by buying a subscription if you’d like.

Hope this helps!

Web vs Print

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