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Visit A Ghost Town Near You

Visiting a ghost town can be provide travelers with a unique perspective on an unusual facet of American history. Read on to learn about ghost towns across America.

Thrillist ~ ” Amid the crumbling walls of America’s coolest ghost towns, you’ll find glimpses into each state’s history. They tell stories of tremendous booms and unfathomable busts.They’re victims of time, yes, but also of greed, changing roadways, and old-fashioned karmic retribution. Among them are restored villages humming with tourists and Colonial-era structures seemingly swallowed by nature. Some have rich histories of fleeting prosperity. Others take the designation of “ghost town” literally, with restless spirits rumored to relive past tragedies and atrocities nightly. Whether they’re roadside stop offs of full-fledged attractions, each offers a side trip through time along America’s roadways.

Image by ArtTower from Pixabay

Rhyolite, Nevada: Founded in 1904, Rhyolite managed to become the third-largest city in Nevada, complete with hotels, a hospital, an opera house, a symphony, a red-light district, and its own stock exchange. But all good things must come to an end, and in Rhyolite’s case, the Panic of 1907 hammered the first nail in the coffin, causing banks to fail, mines to close, and newspapers to shutter. By 1916, it was deserted. Visitors will still see the skeletons of a three-story bank, part of the old jail, the general store, and the train station.

Dorchester, South Carolina: How far back do you wanna go? Dorchester was founded in 1696 and abandoned at the start of the Revolutionary War. Just 15 miles from Charleston along the Ashley River, it’s now part of a 325-acre park with a church bell tower and walls from an oyster-shell tabby fort providing a well-preserved look at life during the colonial south. Shipping wharves are often visible during low tide, too.” ~ Thrillist

To read more about ghost towns from every state, click the link below.

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Visit A Ghost Town

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