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Viking’s Ultimate World Cruise – 111 ports in 51 countries!

Viking’s Ultimate World Cruise takes guests to 111 ports in 51 countries in the span of 245 days. It’s an around-the-world adventure that stops at every continent except Antarctica. Just don’t plan on bringing the kids.

Viking's Ultimate World Cruise

Image by MustangJoe from Pixabay

A round trip on the Ultimate World Cruise starts and finishes in London, England. The ship visits various U.K. and Scandinavian ports before heading west to Canada; from there it circumnavigates South America (with further stops in the Caribbean and Costa Rica) before docking in California.

Then it’s on to French Polynesia and New Zealand, Australia, and Asia, with the remaining weeks spent exploring the Middle East and the Mediterranean, before ending in London where it all began.

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Viking's Ultimate World Cruise

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