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Military Travel Guide For 100% DAV

At Military Living® Publications, we are thankful each and every day for all who have served. Those veterans whose service has resulted in a service connected disability rating of 100% permanent & total from the VA are eligible to use military lodging, camping, and space-a air* travel privileges. We publish travel guides that can help you find those locations to plan your trip and save because you served.

Our most comprehensive guide is the Military Travel Guide USA™, which will include all military bases, military lodging, military camping and military space-a air terminals in the United States that 100% DAV can use.

This comprehensive guide lists phone numbers, addresses, websites, emails, and more for military bases, military lodging facilities, military campgrounds, and space-a air terminals, as well as base amenities such as exchanges, commissaries, and more in the US.

If you'd like to purchase your copy, click the link below to be taken to our webstore!

*Space-A Air privileges for 100% DAV and their accompanying dependents extend to flights in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories only; no international flights, as per the DoDI 4515.13, Table 3, Item 47.


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