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100% DAV - What You Need To Know

At Military Living® Publications, we are thankful each and every day for all who have served. We are writing this post to make sure that you are aware of everything that you are entitled to and have earned from your time in the service.

Those veterans whose service has resulted in a service connected disability rating of 100% permanent and total from the Department of Veteran's Affairs (the VA) are eligible to use military lodging, camping, space-a air* privileges, and more!

For starters, if you've been rated as 100% DAV you and your dependents are entitled to your own military ID card. It will look like one of the following ID cards (see photo below). Legacy USID cards remain valid through their expiration date, however, individuals with an indefinite (INDEF) expiration date on their legacy USID card may replace those ID cards with a Next Generation USID card.

Image source

If you do not have one, visit your nearest ID card issuer for requirements and to get you and your family scheduled to get yours. Visit this link here to help you find the nearest RAPIDS ID Card office. To see current requirements, you can start by visiting the website for more information.

This ID card is what will grant you access to military installations throughout the United States. You are eligible to use MWR facilities on base - including the lodging and campgrounds. We publish travel guides that can help you find those locations to plan your trip and help you save because you served.

Our most comprehensive guide is the Military Travel Guide USA™, which will include all military bases, military lodging, military campgrounds and military space-a air* terminals in the United States that 100% DAV can use. You'll find state maps, phone numbers, websites, support facilities, etc. Click here for a free sample.

You can also use the MWR library! The website is, and it has a large database made up of e-books, audiobooks, newspapers and magazines, streaming music and videos, and more.

In addition to the MWR and Space-A air* privileges, according to the Department of Veteran's Affairs, a service connected disability rating at 100% also offers you the following privileges:

We would also like to note that most states and local governments offer specific benefits for veterans. Be sure to check with yours to make sure you are getting what you've earned. There are 20 states that offer full property tax exemptions for 100% disabled veterans, while all 50 states offer some sort of property tax exemptions for disabled veterans. Other benefits that states offer to veterans include:

  • Income tax waivers

  • Education benefits

  • Free driver's licenses

  • Free hunting and fishing licenses

  • Help with employment and housing

As always, we thank you for your service!

*Space-A Air privileges for 100% DAV and their accompanying dependents extend to flights in CONUS, Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories only; no international flights, as per the DoDI 4515.13, Table 3, Item 47.

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