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Tips For Space-A Air Travel

Space-A Air travel can be overwhelming, especially the first time. Here are some little-known tips I picked up during my travels that can make your journey easier.

Tip #1: Space-A Air travel can be unpredictable. You might have a sunny destination in mind like Hawaii, but your only flight connection option is leaving from Elmendorf AFB in Alaska. For this reason, it is always a good plan to pack clothes for any weather. It would not be fun to arrive in Alaska with only shorts and T-shirts.

Tip #2: Some Space-A flights are cargo planes. You should bring comfort items like sleeping bags, pillows, headlamps, blankets, and ear protection. But don't feel daunted! Imagine yourself in a spacious cargo bay, bundled tightly in your sleeping bag, huddled close to your family, relaxing as you depart on your next adventure, like camping 30,000 feet in the air!

Tip#3: Find a seat that has an outlet. Some trips can be lengthy; having a tablet for games or movies can make the flight feel shorter. As soon as you board the plane, look for seats that have outlets close by.

Tip #4: Reserve lodging at your destination. For worldwide lodging and guest houses, check out our Temporary Military Lodging Guide™. Remember that every flight, passengers will be looking for a place to spend the night as soon as you land. To get ahead, make a reservation before you leave, and make sure you can cancel it, in case plans change. Having a place to stay when you arrive is priceless, especially if traveling late or with children.

Tip #5: For overseas travel, plan on having some local currency before arriving. Looking for a taxi in a foreign country is tough, but not having the correct cash can add even more frustrations.

Tip #6: As soon as you land at your final destination, sign up for your return trip. Having the peace of mind that you have everything lined up for your return (as much as Space-A allows) is always a plus!

For more information on Space-A Air travel, be sure to check out our Military Space-A Air Travel Guide™ ! Or the Space-A F.A.Q section on our website, Space-A air F.A.Q.

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