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This Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Holiday Treat

Christmas cookies, cheesecake, candy canes, buckeyes – we all love to enjoy a delicious treat at this time of year! Check out this map that details the favorite treats from each of the fifty states in the country. You might be surprised by your home state’s favorite dessert!

Travel and Leisure ~ ” Cookies, candies, and various baked goods are all good reasons to get into the holiday spirit. While some swear by a classic cookie, others are more inclined to treat themselves with a rich cake. Honestly, you can’t go wrong when it comes to a holiday dessert. Well, almost.

And just like with many other types of food in the U.S., people’s favorites vary from state to state.

Zippia, a career builder website, used Google search data to create a map of people’s favorite holiday treats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cheesecake was a big favorite all over the country, with New York (of course), Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut all opting for this rich and creamy dessert. Pennsylvania is apparently a fan of gingerbread cheesecake in particular and Hawaii loves Oreo cheesecake.

Across the board, mint and peppermint flavors seemed to win people’s hearts during the holidays, from peppermint bark in Oregon to Andes mints in Wisconsin. ” ~ Travel and Leisure 

To see the map and check out the favorite treats in other states across the United States, click the link below.

See your state's favorite holiday treat!

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