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These Airlines Have Suspended All or Most of Their Flights

These airlines have suspended all or most of their flights amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Read on to see how this may affect your future travel plans.

The Points Guy ~ ” The airline industry has been on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left carriers across the globe scrambling as demand for travel has plummeted. One of the latest updates come in the UK, where Virgin Atlantic has pushed back resuming flights until at least August after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that all international visitors would be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Another move underscoring the colossal shift underway comes in Europe, where the continent’s two largest low-cost carriers – Ryanair and EasyJet – suspended all operations. Ryanair has since announced its plans to resume 40% of its flights starting on July 1, 2020 and EasyJet will resume a small number of flights between the UK and France on June 15, 2020, along with Geneva, Lisbon and Porto in Portugal and Barcelona, reports The Guardian.

In the U.S., the big three carriers of American, Delta and United have all slashed their schedules as passenger traffic has dried up. This has also led to the early retirement of American Airlines Boeing 767s and 757s and Delta Airlines 777s. The carriers also have cut domestic flights, as have other airlines, including Southwest, Alaska and JetBlue.

airlines suspended flights

Image by Bilal EL-Daou from Pixabay

Across the globe, a number of airlines have made even more drastic changes. In Colombia, Avianca has entered bankruptcy and all flights are grounded.

A number of other operators — both in Europe and elsewhere — have move to either completely or mostly suspend their entire operation as they wait for the pandemic to ease. The fallout has even spread to Africa, where Rwanda’s RwandAir has joined the list of carriers suspending their entire operation.

Here’s a look at some other major carriers that are suspending all or most of their operations during the pandemic. This post shows a limited selection of carriers and is not meant to be comprehensive. It may be updated with other airlines and information as news develops.” ~ The Points Guy

Click the link below for the list of airlines and their operations.

Airlines Suspended Flights

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