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Summer Travel Survey 2022 | The Vacationer

Here’s a Summer 2022 Travel Survey conducted by The Vacationer. What are your travel plans this summer?

The Vacationer ~ ” We recently published our Russia-Ukraine Conflict Travel Survey. This survey indicated that nearly 40% of Americans said they were reconsidering their 2022 travel plans because of the invasion. Also, it showed 36% of people felt less safe traveling now. However, nearly 65% of Americans said they would be willing to suffer an inconvenience such as paying more or more flight layovers to reach their destination. People are determined to vacation this year. With travel nearly recovered from COVID, we wondered how people might travel this summer despite concerns from the invasion.

We conducted this 2022 summer travel survey in conjunction with our Russia-Ukraine Conflict Survey. Our goal was to gauge the sentiment of summer travel plans. How many Americans are planning to travel this summer? Is their goal to travel domestically or abroad? Will Americans travel more this summer than last? Are they planning to travel on a plane or road trip? Below you can read the results of these survey questions as well as demographic comparisons.

Do you plan on traveling this summer?

Let’s take a look at the survey results:

  • Yes, one time. — 36.04%

  • Yes, more than once. — 44.80%

  • No. — 19.16%

Interesting Demographic Comparison — American adults in the East South Central region are most likely to travel this summer. 85.29% of people in this region said they will. The East South Central region contains the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. On the other hand, American adults in the Mountain region are least likely to travel this summer. Only 74.44% of American adults in that region said they will take part in summer travel. The Mountain region contains the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

Key Takeaway — More than 80% of American adults intend to travel this summer. The 80.84% of people that responded yes equates to more than 208 million American adults according to the latest census. Additionally, the 80.84% is a combination of the 36.04% that said they would travel one time this summer. It also includes the 44.80% that said they would travel more than once. This means nearly 93 million Americans will travel once this summer and 115 million will travel more than once. In our first 2021 Summer Travel Survey, only 173 million American adults said they would travel. That means we are expecting at least 35 million more American travelers for summer 2022.

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

Where will you travel this summer?

Let’s take a look at the survey results:

  • I won’t travel this summer. — 19.62%

  • Domestically only. — 59.95%

  • Internationally only. — 6.66%

  • Both Domestically and Internationally. — 13.78%

Interesting Demographic Comparison— The younger a person is, the more likely they are to travel internationally this summer. 26.7% of American adults aged 18-29 will travel abroad this summer. On the other hand, a smaller 22.5% of those aged 30-44 will. And, only 18.73% of American adults aged 45-60 will travel internationally in the summer. Lastly, only 14.07% of American adults over age 60 will. The over 60 age group is also the most likely to say they will not travel at all this summer at 26.30%.

Key Takeaway — More than 20% of American adults will travel internationally this summer. Despite concerns from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many Americans intend to leave the country. The 20.44% of American adults who will travel abroad this summer represent nearly 53 million people. Additionally, nearly 60% of Americans will travel within the country only. This 59.95% represents over 154 million more people.” ~ The Vacationer

Click the link below for the full survey!

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