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Review Of The European HostelPass

An option to travel Europe on a budget is a HostelPass. A digital discount card that gives you up to 20% discount on hostels and tours. This article reviews the digital discount pass and its pros and cons.

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nomadicmatt ~ "How Does HostelPass Work?

To sign up for a HostelPass membership, simply visit and purchase the annual membership. Your pass is valid for a year from the date of purchase, so be sure to time it with when you’ll actually start booking hostels (not months and months beforehand). You’ll want it to cover booking your hostels as well as when you’re actually on your trip.

What is Included in HostelPass?

There are currently over 100 discounts available on HostelPass. Most of these are hostels, with discounts usually ranging from 10-20% off. Some of these hostels also include other perks, like free breakfast or a free welcome drink.

There are also discounts on experiences, activities, and museums too, such as 15% off a Harry Potter walking tour in Edinburgh, 10% off canal cruises in Amsterdam, and 12% off a food tour in Paris.

There are currently discounts available in 18 countries across over 40 cities in Europe, with more being added all the time. Currently, there are discounts available in.

Pros of HostelPass

  • Super affordable

  • Hostel prices usually lower than booking via Hostelworld

  • Discounts available in most major European cities

  • Discounts on both hostels and activities/tours

  • More destinations and discounts added regularly

Cons of HostelPass

  • Currently only in Europe

  • Not all major cities in Europe have discounts


Is HostelPass ACTUALLY Worth It?

If you’re heading to Europe and have the flexibility to plan your trip around the hostels and activities available on HostelPass, then you can easily make your money back (and then some)." ~ nomadicmatt

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