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Return Of The Great American Road Trip | Budget Travel

A favorite pastime of many Americans is a good old-fashioned road trip.  Made popular in the 1950’s, they have since fallen out of favor for air travel and cruising.  However, due to the current economic crisis, low gas prices, and the coronavirus pandemic, a road trip may just be what you need for a cheap (and fun!) vacation.**

Budget Travel ~ ” The great American road trip is a pastime that took off in the 1950’s, when there was rapid growth in families owning cars after World War II.  These families commonly traveled U.S. Route 66 which ran from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California.  Any families taking road trips in the 50’s were doing something right.  Not only did a road trip enable these families to choose who they wanted to go with, plan a trip specifically for themselves, and put money back into the economy after World War II, they also started a tradition that would revive itself time and time again.

It’s been 70 years since road trips became an American tradition and in 2020 the tradition will be back again and coming in strong. COVID-19 took away how we used to travel. The Department of Labor reported that in just 10 weeks over 40 million people applied for unemployment. The financial hardship many families find themselves in, along with COVID-19 restrictions, has severely limited travel plans in 2020. The way they may be accustomed to traveling will no longer be an option and they will look for different ways to spend their time and explore somewhere new.

If you’re looking for a cheap vacation the answer is: road trip.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

AAA reported national gas prices in the month of May as an average of $1.97, almost a dollar less than this time in 2019 ($2.82). Traveling by car is cheap and convenient; whether you choose to go somewhere in state or out of state, the current gas prices will be worth the drive.

When the American economy is in shambles, we are encouraged to spend money to help rebuild our economy. Road tripping enables Americans not only to spend their money on necessities but on fun activities. Stopping by local restaurants or businesses to have a new experience raises tourism and will help money flow to small towns and businesses. Places like the Grand Canyon will open up bringing in people to see its beauty, buy souvenirs, eat at their restaurant and still have the ability to create a social distancing environment to make everyone feel safe.” ~ Budget Travel

Don’t forget to utilize our Military Travel Guide (also available in print) and our US Military Road Map for lodging and camping along the way!

**Please note: Due to the impact of COVID 19 on travel,  we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Road Trip

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