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Remotely Work From Sunny Greece As A Digital Nomad

For those looking to travel while they work and enjoy the freedom that comes with the lifestyle of a digital nomad, Greece is offering several benefits, including a hefty tax break. For some great travel inspiration and more information about Greece’s new program, read on!

God Save The Points ~ ” Greece is the latest in a flurry of countries offering digital nomad visas designed to lure remote workers with already gainful employment. The visas remove the long standing grey area between traveler and country, work and pleasure, where someone enters as a tourist, but undergoes work activities for their job based abroad.

The idea is that these are people who already hold employment from another country, and wouldn’t be taking away work from locals already in the country. Allowing them to live and work remotely brings in vital revenue for local businesses from apartments to things like restaurants, coffee shops and retail.

Photo by Josiah Lewis from Pexels

To woo longer term nomad visitors, hopefully beyond the few months most nomads spend in any given country, Greece is offering a 50% tax break for the first 7 years of your digital nomad status. This means currently employed people with flexible work locations could head for Greece, receiving a 50% break on income tax, which allows half the salary to remain tax free.

A relatively upscale 1 bedroom apartment in Athens, or many surrounding areas, and even dreamy islands can be secured for around $600-$750 per month, and food costs are traditionally much lower than the USA, or much of Western Europe. ” ~ God Save The Points

For further information, click on the link below.

** Please note: Due to the impact of COVID 19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle in Greece!

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