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Part 3 – Operation Homecoming Helps Bring Vietnam POWs Back Home

A cheering crowd greets former Vietnam prisoners of war returning home at Kelly Field, Texas, as part of Operation Homecoming, February 1973 (caption cited from Photo courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

We recently came upon a five-part series about the history of Kelly Field, located adjacent to Lackland Air Force Base (JB San Antonio), which is getting ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary and wanted to share the five-part series with you! Within the series writer Jeremy Gerlach, with the 502nd Air Base Wing Public Affairs Office, provides an interesting and detailed recount of Kelly Field’s place in American history.

We hope you enjoyed reading Part 2 last week. Click on the link below for Part 3 and remember to check back next week for Part 4!

Source: Operation Homecoming Helps Bring Vietnam POWs Back Home

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