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New RV Companies Redefine Road Travel

2020 has been the year of the RV. It’s no wonder why; RVs offer travelers ample opportunity to practice social distancing while seeing new locations and having safe adventures. The RV industry has seen some swift and drastic innovations from companies with their fingers on the pulse of travel trends. Check out how these companies are affecting change on the RV travel industry.

Outside ~ ” In 2019, the RV Industry Association (RIVA), a trade federation, reported a 16 percent drop in wholesale RV shipments from the year before. And when COVID-19 first swept the nation in March, those sales dropped even more. But almost as fast as they fell, sales and rentals began to skyrocket. By June, RV shipments in the U.S. were the highest they’d been since 2018, reaching 40,462 units, an 11 percent increase from June 2019.

Cabana, an RV startup currently serving the Seattle area that provides rental-camper vans outfitted to look like a boutique hotel on wheels, seeks to offer a more controlled environment than peer-to-peer rentals, in which guests can expect the same layout, features, and level of cleanliness every time they book. Cabana vans combine a stylish design with all the amenities you’d typically find in a home rental, from flat-screen TVs and memory-foam mattresses to full bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. What sets the company apart are contactless check-in and an on-demand concierge that makes it easy for the first-time camper to explore the outdoors.

Photo by zvika smaya from Pexels

In addition to travelers looking for socially distant vacations, and a new sector of remote workers drawn to full-time vanlife, there’s a third group interested in RVs for another reason: affordability. Sites like Outdoorsy have made RV rentals more reasonable since the start of the pandemic. With rates as low as $50 a night, people of different income levels now have more access to them. ” ~ Outside

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**Please note: Due to the impact of COVID-19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Check out Changes in the RV Industry

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