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New Patient Resources Section on TRICARE Website

TRICARE has made it easier for you to find what you need on their website.

TRICARE Communications ~ "Are you looking for information and tools to help manage your health care and TRICARE benefit? Check out the new Patient Resources section on This section makes it easy to find forms, track your health records, learn about disaster alerts, and more.

'We understand that you need quick and easy access to essential health care information,' said Robert Agnello, deputy director of digital communications at the Defense Health Agency. 'The new Patient Resources section has tools and resources you need to stay engaged with and manage your health care in one convenient location.'

Here’s an overview of what you can find in the Patient Resources section.


In the Filing Claims section, you can learn when and how to file medical, pharmacy, and dental claims. As noted in the TRICARE Choices in the United States Handbook, you may need to file your own claim to be reimbursed if you get care from a non-network provider. TRICARE will reimburse you for covered services at the TRICARE allowable amount. This amount won’t include any copayments, cost-shares, or deductibles.


Need to find a form? The Download a Form section has many commonly used forms, including forms for:

  • Enrolling and disenrolling in a TRICARE health or dental plan

  • Requesting pre-authorization or medical necessity

  • Requesting reimbursement through the Prime Travel Benefit

  • Filing grievances and submitting appeals

Contact us

Do you need help or have questions about your TRICARE benefits? Go to the Contact Us section. You can click “Call Us,” to find the right phone number for what you need. You can also find information on where to log in to secure services and addresses for sending claims. This makes it easy for you to get in touch with the right people to answer your questions or respond to your concerns.

MHS Customer Service Community Directory

Are you looking for contact information for your military hospital or clinic? Check out the Military Health System Customer Service Community Directory. You can use this directory to find patient advocates, beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinators, and debt collection assistance officers.

Health records

Looking for information on your health records? Check out the My Military Health Records section, which includes a gateway to the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. MHS GENESIS is the Military Health System’s electronic health record.

The Patient Resources section also has information on:

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