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New Navy Lodge at Coronado

Sunset on Coronado. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

Sunset on Coronado. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

If you ever tried to get into the Navy Lodge at NAS North Island, Calif., before and found all the rooms were reserved, now you just might be in luck!

The Navy Lodge Program, one of the biggest successes in Temporary Military Lodging™, operating at reasonable costs, and at no government expense, has just expanded its popular lodge here to an awesome 305 rooms. The grand opening was held Jan. 25 this year! As mentioned in Military Tourist™, the new lodge is now the largest Navy Lodge in the world!

Before the Navy demolished the older 90-room property, Roy and I stayed there several years ago and thought we were in heaven, so we expect to have an even higher opinion when we get to see this glorious new facility.

Natural light shines in on one of the fantastic rooms. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

Natural light shines in on one of the fantastic rooms. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

It’s rooms are described as having large kitchens, big beds, kid’s beds and bigger rooms for families. With each having lovely colors, unique furniture and atmosphere, you may well feel you are in the tropics.

Relaxing right on the Navy Lodge property is a snap. The new rooftop patio has views of the beach, the San Diego skyline, Coronado Beach, Point Loma and Mexico. It has comfortable outdoor lounging furniture plus something extra – new outdoor grills. In addition, there is a huge swimming pool with many extras to surprise the kids. This is the second pool for a Navy Lodge, the other one is at Navy Lodge Ford Island, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The pool deck at the new Navy Lodge addition. Built on the sands of Coronado Beach at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego Calif., opened for business in January 2012. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

The pool deck at the new Navy Lodge addition. Photo provided by Navy Lodge.

Similar accommodations outside the military gates are extremely expensive. The rooms at the Navy Lodge run from $85 to $135 per night.

We look forward to seeing which of our subscribers sends us a personal trip report! Don’t forget, this is a good place for Space-A air travel flights, as well. Knowing that can triple your fun for less!

For reservations, visit or call Navy Lodge North Island on Coronado at (619) 435-0191 or Navy Lodge Reservations at 1-800-NAVY-INN (1-800-628-9466).

Author:  Ann Crawford

Reprint from R&R Travel News™ Mar-Apr 2012 • Volume 42, No. 2


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