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New App’s Special Feature Set to Change the Way that We Book Flights and Hotels – Lonely

Read about this new, streamlined way to save money while you book flights and hotels!

Lonely Planet ~ “As a travel professional, Razvan Sidoreac was always sending his friends amazing prices and deals on flights and hotels. But he wanted more to give people around the opportunity to snag discounted travel fares, especially those who were flexible on dates and times.

book flights and hotels

Image by Edeltravel_ from Pixabay

Sidoreac worked for five years on his just-launched site and soon-to-be app Voyazor, which promises to help travelers find the best flight and hotel booking deals all around the world with access to deals from over 650 airlines and 300 top booking agencies. Voyazor is a fare aggregator and travel match metasearch agent searching dozens of booking engines, airfare sites and online travel agencies and compiling the results in one place. But unlike its competitors, Voyazor has one of the most complete sets of filters including landing times, layover cities, alliances, luggage allowances and fees and – for self-described #planenerds – aircraft type. For flexible fliers, Voyazor automatically opens a low-fare calendar for -/+ seven days around the date you select.” ~ Lonely Planet

To read more about this promising way to get the best deals on flights and hotels, please click the link below.

book flights and hotels

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