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Navy Updates Length of Stay Policy at RV Parks

Recently, the policy for length of stay at Navy MWR RV parks has been revamped. This updated policy will allow Active Duty sailors and their families an exemption from having to reapply for extending their reservation, and they may in fact stay for the entire duration of their tour at that duty station or deployment. Proof of orders is required and is based on availability.

Please note - there are TWO parts to this policy. One applies directly to Active Duty and their families, and the other is for extendable stays for leisure travelers. Extendable stays at MWR parks are applicable for all MWR-eligible leisure travelers. After the initial 30-day reservation, patrons can request to extend up to 180 days. After that, requests may be made to extend their stay up to ONE year from the date of arrival, pending the availability at the RV park and upon approval from the Installation Commanding Officer (ICO), according to Enterprise Media Relations Chief at CNIC Destiny Sibert.

Naval Air Station Key West | Sigsbee Gulf View Campground
Naval Air Station Key West | Sigsbee Gulf View Campground

Please read the press release below, and for further clarification, please see the attached CNIC Notice 1700. ~ "The Navy has made it easier for active duty service members and their families to utilize recreational vehicle (RV) parks on installations for long-term stays.

Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) recently implemented a new length of stay policy that allows service members to utilize RV parks for extended stays during their duty assignment. Previously, active duty service members along with all other eligible patrons had to reapply every month to extend their stays at the RV parks.

'This may be a simple change in policy, but it is going to make a big difference to our Sailors and their families who want to stay at an RV park long term to meet their housing needs,' said Joann Reyes, recreation lodging manager of CNIC’s Fleet Readiness division. 'This is only one of several policies we are evaluating to make sure it is what is best for our warfighters and families.'

Established RV park rates will continue to provide cost effective rates and remain competitive to the local market. RV park rates will not adjust or increase specifically to align with changes to Basic Housing Allowance (BAH).

In addition, active duty service members can remain at their designated spots throughout the duration of their stay, which is another policy update. There are 42 RV parks located at Navy installations, such as Naval Base Coronado, Naval Support Activity Annapolis, and Navy Air Station Key West.


For more information, Sailors and families can contact their installation Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) office, visit, or call 1-877-Navybed (628-9233)." ~

CNIC Notice 1700 linked here. Read the policy by clicking the link.

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