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Lodging and Installation Closing Updates

As part of our continuous efforts to provide you, our valued customer, the most accurate and up-to-date information that we can, we have been working steadily to update lodging rates and information. Below is a list of closures that we have come across while making changes to our website. We have also updated our print publications. Changes will be reflected on our website immediately, and in our travel guides beginning October 1, 2019.

We will continue with these updates and will continue to provide you any additional closures as the information becomes available.

Thank you for being our valued customer!


NGIS  Corpus Christi NAS , TX

Navy Lake Recreation Area Mid-South NSA, TN  (still operating as a public rec area privately, just not through Navy Getaways)


IHG Army Hotel Steindam Guest Apt Ft Knox, KY

NGIS Bethesda NSA, MD

NGIS Meridian NAS, MS

LeRay Mansion DVQ Ft Drum (MWR), NY

IHG Army Hotel Bldg 785 West Point, NY

IHG Army Hotels Delmont House Ft Bragg, NC

IHG Army Hotels Forrestal Hall Ft Bragg, NC

IHG Army Hotels Hardy Hall Ft Bragg, NC


Stead Training Site, NV

Military Lodging

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