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Lebanon, TN | Featured Military Retirement Location

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This week’s featured Military Retirement Location is Lebanon, Tennessee! Lebanon is an eastern suburb of Nashville, and made our list thanks to its below-average cost of living and home price indices, and proximity to Smyrna and Nashville. Lebanon gives you those small New England college-town vibes with honkytonk and NASCAR right down the road!

Lebanon is in the middle of Tennessee, and Cumberland University is the main draw, located right in the middle of town. Lebanon is known for a few things, like being the home of Cracker Barrel and the Wilson County Fair. The county fair held in Lebanon is more popular than the Tennessee State Fair! The Cumberland River borders Lebanon to the north, with Percy Priest Lake to the southwest.

The Nashville Superspeedway is abbot a 20 minute drive south along I-840. Alternatively, take US-231 headed the same direction and check out Cedars of Lebanon State Park. The park and city both take their name from the eastern red cedar trees that fill the area, which reminded early settlers of the Biblical cedar trees of Mount Lebanon. The park offers cabins, camping, hiking, disc golf, and horseback riding trails.

The Wilson County Fair | Evelyn Maxey, Flickr

Military vets and retirees can find most of the amenities available to them at the Arnold Air Force Base an hour south. There you’ll find a Space-A terminal, MWR office, and commissary. A bit closer in Smyrna is the Smyrna Training Center, which has your nearest exchange. If you’re looking for VA medical, Murfreesboro VA Medical Center is about 21 miles away. Lebanon is best for those who want to experience rural country living with a major metropolitan area just a short drive away!

Lebanon is one of the 120 locations listed in our Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. Filled with locations chosen based on data relevant to military retirees, our 2022 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ will help you find the location best suited for your ideal retirement. For more information and to purchase our guide, click here.

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