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Iowa City, Iowa – Featured Retirement Location

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Editors Note: Hi, Military Living readers! We’re starting a series of posts to feature locations from our new 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. These locations come from all over the U.S., and were chosen using dozens of data points relevant to military retirees. Enjoy!

This week’s featured retirement location is Iowa City, Iowa! Iowa City made our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ due to its low crime rate, lack of pension tax, and lower than average housing price index.

Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, so residents get to enjoy the perks of living in a college town; college sports, vibrant arts and culture scenes, and a wide variety of local shops and eateries. Iowa City also offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, from camping to disc golf and everything in between.

Schaeffer Hall at the University of Iowa // Image by Vkulikov from Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

With 3 hospitals in a 25 mile radius of Iowa City and one VA facility located in the city itself, Iowa City offers residents quick and easy access to quality medical care. The nearest military base to Iowa City is 61 miles away at Rock Island Arsenal. Here, military retirees can enjoy access to an exchange, a commissary, and MWR office.

Iowa City is one of the more than 120 locations listed in our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. Filled with locations chosen based on data relevant to military retirees, our 2021 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ will help you find the location best suited for your ideal retirement. For more information and to purchase our guide, click here.

Check out the rest of our retirement guide locations in our new book!

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