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Incredible National Parks You Can Reach By Cruise Ship

Visiting national parks can be amazing. From jaw-dropping scenery to unique wildlife, national parks always offer an interesting experience. For a truly special national park experience, check out these parks you can see from the comfort of a cruise ship!

The Points Guy ~ ” Many people think of America’s national parks as places to go on an epic road trip. But there are other ways to get to some of these temples to outdoor beauty than by car. For instance, there are parks you can visit by rail or by bus, and even — yes — a few you can reach by cruise ship.

Alaska and Hawaii are two big cruise destinations where national parks play an outsized role in the typical cruise itinerary. National parks in Maine and the U.S. Virgin Islands also make the excursion checklists for many a cruiser.

Image by Danny See Chuan Seng from Pixabay

Of all the national parks in North America, [Glacier Bay National Park] is the one most associated with cruise ships — and for good reason. It isn’t easy getting to Glacier Bay any other way. The park has no roads and only is reachable by small plane, boat or ship. As a result, the vast majority of its nearly annual 700,000 visitors arrive on a cruise vessel.

[Haleakala National Park, a] 52-square-mile national park on the Hawaiian island of Maui encompasses the island’s soaring Haleakala volcano and is one of the top attractions for cruisers arriving at the island. For around $130 to $160 per adult, cruisers can sign up for a 4- to 6-hour tour to its 10,023-foot summit to see the lunarlike landscape. Unlike the volcanoes at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Haleakala isn’t active. But it’s still a stunning sight. ” ~ The Points Guy

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Cruise to a national park

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