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I've Been Cruising 20+ Years — Here Are 17 Items I'm Shopping for My Next Trip With Royal Caribbean, From $6

There's nothing worse than being unprepared in the middle of the ocean. Here are some recommendations from Travel + Leisure to make sure your next cruise is an enjoyable one!

Travel + Leisure ~ "Growing up in a cruise family, I never thought about catching my next flight. Instead, I looked to the sea, dreaming of destinations I could reach by boat. I went on my first cruise when I was 9 years old and for the last 23 years since then, I’ve set sail countless times, cruising everywhere from the Bahamas to Europe. Sure, my family did take some shorter trips by plane, but my most unique travel experiences growing up all happened because of a cruise. I’ve island-hopped in the Caribbean, marveled at the Hubbard Glacier off the side of a ship in Alaska, and sailed down the Mediterranean from Spain.

As I’ve gotten older, my family trips have become more rare, and I’ve found different methods to travel across the world. However, my family decided to book a five-night cruise to Bermuda with Royal Caribbean this summer to celebrate my brother finishing his fellowship, the last step in his medical training. I pride myself on my ability to thoroughly prepare for a trip without overpacking, which means I’ve already started on my packing list. After all, in my two decades of cruising, I’ve learned a thing or two about what you’ll need once aboard the ship. From comfortable shoes to a waterproof phone case, here are 17 cruise essentials in my Amazon cart that would come in handy on your next trip, too." ~ Travel + Leisure

Click the link below to see the recommendations and where you can find these great items!

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