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Retiring? Get Answers to Your TRICARE Questions at May 23 Webinar

If you're getting ready to retire from Active Duty or the National Guard or Reserve, TRICARE is hosting a webinar on May 23rd from 4-5pm ET. See the details below.

TRICARE Communications ~ "Are you or your sponsor approaching retirement from active duty or the National Guard or Reserve? Learn how to keep or change your TRICARE health plan with TRICARE’s next webinar.

On Thursday, May 23, from 4 to 5 p.m. ET, TRICARE is hosting a webinar to explain the TRICARE plans available to you in retirement. 'TRICARE Options in Retirement' will guide you through how to keep your TRICARE coverage when you retire. To attend, join via Microsoft Teams Live a few minutes before start time.


'Knowing what to do to keep your TRICARE coverage when you retire is important,' said Zelly Zim, a senior analyst with TRICARE Policy and Programs at the Defense Health Agency. 'This webinar will show you what steps to take and when to take them to ensure you don’t have a gap in health care coverage.'

You’ll also learn about your dental and vision coverage options in retirement. TRICARE experts will be available to answer your questions.

As described in the TRICARE Retiring from Active Duty Brochure and TRICARE Retiring from the National Guard or Reserve Brochure, you can expect some changes to your TRICARE coverage after retiring. In addition to new health plan options, you’ll have new options for vision and dental coverage.

Retiring from active duty and retiring from the National Guard or Reserve at age 60 are both TRICARE Qualifying Life Events (QLEs). When you have a QLE, you have 90 days to make a change in your TRICARE health plan enrollment.

Go into retirement knowing your health plan options. Get ready by attending this webinar on May 23. It’s a great resource to learn how to maintain your benefits for years to come." ~TRICARE Communications

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