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Howard, WI | Featured Smart Military Retirement Location Of The Week

Howard, Wisconsin, is a small town along the shores of Lake Michigan, northwest of Green Bay.

This small city makes our list dues to excellent schools, low cost of living, and affordable housing. This village is a fast-growing and vibrant community in the state of Wisconsin

The art and leisure opportunities are plentiful, with Howard close to Green Bay. It is no secret that the Green Bay Packers is one of the main attraction. The Lambeau Stadium is the Packers Hall of Fame and Museum.

In Howard, you will be surrounded by 900 acres of public spaces, including the Village Green Golf Course and dog parks. In addition, the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve is the perfect place for wildlife viewing and hiking.

During the Winter months, you can enjoy the Neville Public Museum. The facility counts over one million items from history to science and art.

Three hours from town, Fort Mc Coy is the closest military base. The base is close to the Minnesota border. Fort McCoy features an MWR office, a commissary, and an exchange.

If you enjoy colder weather and the proximity to an energic town, Howard, WI, is the place for you!

Howard, WI, is one of the 120 locations listed in our Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™. Filled with locations chosen based on data relevant to military retirees, our 2022 Smart Military Retirement Location Guide™ will help you find the location best suited for your ideal retirement. For more information and to purchase our guide, click here.

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